We promote the use of lifepo4 lithium batteries for commercial and industrial scenarios.

197kWh Commercial Grid Scale Energy Storage Lithium Battery

  • Model: CBS200
  • High-performance LFP battery cells with good consistency
  • Modular system to flexibly match various industrial and commercial scenarios
  • Parallel connection allows for the expansion of capacity up to a megawatt level
  • Efficient thermal management design to ensure safety and reliability
  • Built-in EMS supports multiple operating modes
  • Seamless switching to power supply by converter

Polinovel utility scale energy storage battery system has a modular design that allows it to adapt to a variety of industrial and commercial scenarios. It incorporates an energy storage converter and a PV converter, and can generate electricity efficiently using PV.

commercial battery system
197kwh commercial battery system

This commercial battery system can be directly connected to photovoltaic solar panels to prioritise battery charging, as well as convert the photovoltaic current output into grid-available power. It can lower business electricity costs by charging for energy storage during valley hours and discharging during peak hours when there is no PV.

The battery system will discharge with load to meet the power demand when the short-term electric power exceeds the transformer capacity. When the power is interrupted, it can provide a seamless short-time power supply for important loads to avoid economic losses.

Home Battery

Technical Parameters

Model CBS200
Power 100KW
Energy 197kWh
Battery 704V280Ah (220S1P)
Charging and Discharging Rate 0.5C
DC-side Voltage Range 638V~770V
Maximum AC Output Capacity AC400V-140A
Photovoltaic Input Range 500-900VDC
IP Degree IP55
Communication RS485 / CAN2.0
User Interface 7” display
Cooling Mode Forced Air Cooling
Fire Protection Heptafluoropropane
Cycle Life ≥6000cycles (EOL 70%)
Altitude 5000m
Dimension 2150*1800*2350mm / 84.6*70.9*92.5in
Weight 3500kg / 7716lbs
Ambient Temperature/Humidity -30℃~50℃ / 0%~95%
Certification UL 1973, IEC 62619, UN 38.3, UL 9540A, GB/T 36276

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