Polinovel Lithium Lifepo4 Battery Is Shaping The Future

Lithium-ion batteries have become the energy storage method of choice for solar, RV, marine, boat, golf cart, AGV robot, light EV alike. But potential safety issue of li-ion battery remain an ongoing concern.

Polinovel, the safe lifepo4 lithium battery manufacturer. We focus to leverage R&D capabilities and work on new safe technologies, including: cell, BMS, internal structure, processing. Designing and producing safer, cleaner and more durable batteries for customers is our undertaking.

Polinovel lithium-ion lifepo4 battery can operate under extreme conditions. Our battery undergo rigorous safety testing such as short circuit, acupuncture, high and low temperature, vibration, over-voltage and over-current tests and meet the high safety standards required for application devices.

Battery chemistry has come a long way since 1800, when Alessandro Volta first disproved the common theory that electricity could only be created by living beings. Today, lithium-ion batteries store incredible amounts of energy that can be discharged quickly, safely, and smoothly. Lithium iron phosphate battery are gaining more and more importance in the clean energy market. Let’s cooperate to shape a better future for everyone on earth.

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Leisure RV Marine Boat Battery

With Polinovel lithium ion batteries, powering RV, marine, boat, trolling motor, motorhome and caravan is easier than ever before.

Tailored Solar Golf AGV Battery

You will get better performance and longevity out of Polinovel lithium battery for the application devices where you are drawing a stronger and more consistent supply of energy.

Solar Power Home Battery

Polinovel lifepo4 battery is a critical element of your home energy storage system. The compact, wall mounted and upright stands design make installing easier.

Battery Energy Storage System

Polinovel lifepo4 battery energy storage system allows homeowners to economically store electricity from solar array and power grid rather than physically store it.

Bluetooth Monitoring Battery

Polinovel lithium iron phosphate battery monitoring App lets you see how much current is being drawn, the battery voltage and the number of amp hours you’re using.

Low Temperature Battery

If you’re interested in purchasing lithium-ion batteries for powering your equipment in cold area, the Polinovel low temperature battery is your best choice.

Win-Win Cooperation

We have a professional technical team to support your custom needs and produce high quality lithium battery to build your own brand battery.


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Polinovel has a professional technical team to support your custom needs and built your own battery.

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Become A Dealer

Partner with Polinovel to get whole package support and drive your battery business forward.

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Check our battery documents for detail information.

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Polinovel advanced lithium battery technology.

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