• Bluetooth Lithium Battery

    Remotely monitor multiple battery status on the phone in real time

LiFePO4 Bluetooth Battery

Polinovel BL series Bluetooth lithium battery is a drop-in replacement for lead acid. It features all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, delivering more usable energy, lighter weight, longer cycle life, and superior performance. The intelligent BMS with Bluetooth communication ensures you monitor and turn on/off the battery remotely on smartphones via the iPolinovel app. Polinovel BL series contains 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V models for a wide range of applications like RV motorhomes, boat trolling motors, and energy storage systems.

Product Features

Easy Battery Status Monitoring

The iPolinovel app is easy to use with a minimalist design, allowing you to check multiple batteries at one glance and access essential battery information like SOC, Status, Voltage, Current, Temperature, Cycles, and Health.

Polinovel Bluetooth Lithium Battery Protection Mode

Optimum Safety And Performance

The iPolinovel app features a “Protect Battery Mode” that allows you to remotely cut off battery discharge, for improved safety and performance. The wireless connection range can be more than 10 meters (32 feet) from the battery.

Practical Functions for Enhanced Battery Management

Wireless software upgrade is available to conveniently troubleshoot battery issue. And there are current calibration and SOC calibration to ensure accurate readings. If there are discrepancies between the displayed current or SOC values and the actual values, you can easily calibrate them within the iPolinovel app, without any extra tools.

Seamless Bluetooth Connection

Our Bluetooth lithium batteries are designed with a reset button on the top, to restore the Bluetooth connection in case of signal loss. What’s more, we can customize different functional buttons based on specific requirements.

IP67 Waterproof Resistance

Our batteries have passed the IP67 waterproof test, maintaining normal voltage, no water ingress, and have a stable connection to the iPolinovel app, even after being submerged in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes.

Polinovel Lithium Battery Waterproof Resistance
Polinovel Lithium Battery Shock Resistance

Excellent Shock Resistance

Our batteries have successfully endured 10 drops down 1.7-meter stairs, maintaining normal voltage and a stable connection to the iPolinovel app, with only minor impact marks.

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