We promote the use of lifepo4 lithium batteries in households to help families globally.

Lithium Energy Storage Battery-Cabinet Series

  • Model: Cabinet10/Cabinet15/Cabinet20/Cabinet25
  • Superb compatibility with multiple inverter brands
  • Customizable communication protocols
  • Maximum 15pcs in parallel for power expansion
  • Support GPS positioning
  • 3U/4U/5U/7U sizes available

Polinovel Cabinet series lithium battery is offered in capacities of 10kWh, 15kWh, 20kWh, 25 kWh and more, allowing you to store sufficient solar energy to power your home and significantly lower your electric bill.

Cabinet Series Home Battery

Built for High Safety and Durability

The Cabinet series battery uses safe and proven lithium iron phosphate chemistry with smart BMS. There is no need to be concerned about the dangers of using the battery. Additionally, the battery has a long service life. It doesn’t require regular replacement.

Easy Installation and Minimal Installation Space

Plug-and-play connectors make the installation easier. Modular design saves home installation space.

Home Battery

Flexible Capacity Expansion

The battery can handle your electricity needs perfectly. It can be extended up to 15 units in parallel to get more power and therefore ease your worries about power outages.

Technical Parameters

Model Cabinet10 Cabinet15 Cabinet20 Cabinet25
Nominal Voltage 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah 500Ah
Energy 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh 25.6kWh
Charge Cut-off Voltage 58V 58V 58V 58V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 40V 40V 40V 40V
Recommended Charge Current 60A 100A 120A 150A
Max. Charge Current 100A 150A 200A 200A
Max. Constant Discharge Current 200A 300A 400A 500A
Peak Current 300A 400A 500A 600A
Max. Modules in Parallel 15pcs in parallel 15pcs in parallel 15pcs in parallel 15pcs in parallel
Communication RS485/RS232/CAN RS485/RS232/CAN RS485/RS232/CAN RS485/RS232/CAN
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 600*600*720 600*600*987 600*600*1165 600*600*1378
Weight 95kg 141kg 187kg 243kg
Charge Temperature 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C
Discharge Temperature -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C

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