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    Swift lithium battery to riding longer distance

Lithium Battery For Light Electric Vehicles

Polinovel offers customized lithium battery service to provide reliable power for your golf cart and light electric vehicles. The tailor-made specifications and dimensions are perfect substitutes for golf cart and light EV batteries. There is no need to modify the battery installation space, and no additional components are needed. Just take your old battery out, drop in Polinovel lithium battery, hook it up to the golf cart or EV, and you’re ready to ride.

light ev battery

Better Riding Distance And Experience

Polinovel light electric vehicle battery feature the longer-lasting, lighter-weight and safer lithium battery, combining with BMS selected according to specific golf cart motor, that maximizes battery performance. With Polinovel light EV lithium battery, you can expect better riding distance and experience.

Hook It Up And Go

Polinovel make the light electric vehicle batteries into a single or as few as possible battery packs, that minimize the performance impact of batteries in series or parallel connection. Configure with proper length wiring, matching terminal, LED indicator, RS485 communication interface, or other functions you want, we can turn your idea into a real product, making your electric vehicle refit and upgrade simple.

Design Lithium Battery Solution for Your Golf Carts?

Our engineer team can work directly with you to understand your technical requirement then propose the perfect customize lithium battery solution to meet your needs.

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