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Polinovel offers innovative lithium battery solutions for forklifts, trucks, and other material handling equipment. With a wide variety of efficiency advantages, from consistent power delivery to quicker charging capabilities, that can increase your operational efficiency while reducing labor costs.

Lithium Benefit for Forklift

Constant Power

Lithium forklift batteries deliver consistent power and battery voltage throughout the full charge, while lead-acid battery charges deliver declining power rates as the shift wears on.

Faster Charging

Lithium forklift batteries provide significantly faster-charging speeds and do not require charging cooling. This helps to optimize daily productivity and even reduces the number of forklifts required to accomplish objectives.

Reduce Downtime

Lithium forklift batteries can last two to four times longer than a traditional lead-acid battery. With the ability to recharge or opportunity charge a lithium battery, you will eliminate the need to perform battery swaps, which will reduce downtime.

Fewer Required Batteries

Lithium forklift batteries can remain in equipment longer where one battery can take the place of three lead-acid batteries. This helps eliminate the cost and storage space required for additional lead-acid batteries.

Custom Solution

Polinovel also provides customization to maximize your needs, our engineers will work to design the best battery for your forklift.

Maintenance Free

Lithium batteries are virtually maintenance-free, requiring none of the watering, equalizing, and cleaning needed to maintain lead-acid batteries.

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