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The Polinovel range of accessories including lithium battery charger and solar inverter, provides the same level of quality as our lithium battery, delivering reliable performance to enhance the whole battery power system in-use experience.

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Only produce reliable battery

Our main focus is on high-quality lithium batteries that deliver safe, and reliable power for RV, Marine, Golf Cart, Home Energy Storage, Forklift, and other industrial vehicles. Our outstanding battery enjoys a high reputation in many parts of the world including Europe and the USA. We ensure rigorous quality checking and testing in each part of the production till the final completion of superior batteries.

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Protecting our planet starts with you

At Polinovel, we are responsible for the environment and the community’s betterment. All our processes and actions are geared towards sustainability efforts, reducing energy consumption during the production process, cutting down on the wastage of resources, and promoting respect for the environment.

Passionate, Focused, Efficient

Whether you are striving to create a self-owned battery brand as a high-quality battery wholesaler retailer, or a battery project solution provider, lithium battery is an ideal choice, and Polinovel is the battery partner you can rely on.

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