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Battery Accessories

The Polinovel range of accessories, including lithium chargers and solar inverters, provides the same level of quality as our lithium battery, delivering reliable performance to enhance the whole battery power system in-use experience.

Reliable Products

Polinovel provides the most advanced inverter solutions in the industry. Our products include cutting-edge features like power saving mode, time-slot charging and discharging setting function, insulation resistance, leakage current detection, etc.

Solar Inverter

Polinovel has high-efficiency chargers for lithium batteries. With soft switching technology, the chargers’ maximum efficiency can exceed 93%. And we offer customized AC input sockets for use in different countries and DC output connectors to meet the requirements of specific applications.

Polinovel knows how to grow your business with high-performance accessories combined with advanced technology. And all accessories offered by Polinovel are tested to international standards for performance, fit, and durability.

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