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Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Polinovel has been engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative and reliable lithium batteries for the energy storage and light electric vehicles for years. The unique robust construction design of our LiFePo4 battery is suitable for use in Solar, Wind, Cars, Boats, Yachts, Caravans, Campervans, RV and other high demand applications.

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High Power, Long life, Maximum Usable Energy

When you are ready to upgrade your battery to lithium for an adventure of camping, fishing, a game of golf or renewable energy system. You should expect more powerful, energy-usable and longer-lasting batteries. LiFePO4 is one of the most reliable energy source in the market that deliver higher power, maximize usable energy and provide long service life for your applications.

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Why LiFePo4?

LiFePo4 is one of the most powerful, durable and reliable energy storage battery on the market. It has better safety performance than li-ion battery due to its thermal and chemical stability. And, it has longer lifetime than other Lithium Ion batteries.

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Always the Right battery

We have designed our LiFePO4 lithium batteries in many different series for customers’ choice, maximize the needs of different applications. In case our standard batteries is not available to be used in your application, please contact us for innovative, high-quality and reliable batteries designed specifically for your applications.

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