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As one of the top lithium ion battery manufacturers, Polinovel focuses on R&D and the production of high-quality, safe, durable and reliable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Our products are widely applied in the leisure caravan, rv, camper, trailer, marine, yacht, catamaran, fishing boat, sail boat, golf cart, forklift, tractor, agv, atv, utv, solar energy storage and other application fields.

Battery chemistry has come a long way since 1800, when Alessandro Volta first disproved the common theory that electricity could only be created by living beings. Today, lithium-ion batteries store incredible amounts of energy that can be discharged quickly, safely, and smoothly. Lithium iron phosphate battery are gaining more and more importance in the clean energy market.

We stand behind the quality of our batteries and encourage you to contact us with all of your questions before and after purchase. Let’s cooperate to shape a better future for everyone on earth.

High-quality Manufacturing

Polinovel adopts high-quality standards in lithium lifepo4 design, raw material procurement, production, testing, and other procedures.

Effective Lithium Batteries Solution

Polinovel professional technical team can provide effective lithium iron phosphate battery solutions according to your requirements.

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