• Lithium Home UPS

    Backup Power For Home During An Outage

Lithium Home UPS

The intermittent nature of a power supply provided by renewable sources such as wind or solar creates a necessity for efficient way to store and supply electricity. Lithium ion battery energy storage system (BESS) is regarded as a crucial solution for overcoming the intermittent limitations of renewable energy sources.

Polinovel lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system are highly versatile and this is a technology that can meets the needs of various users and be utilized in diverse fields. These include power generators that use renewable energy, grid equipment like energy transmission and distribution equipment, as well as commercial facilities, factories and homes.

Drawing from its experience of excellence in lithium-ion battery development, Polinovel is able to build energy storage systems to meet a wide range of demands. With the intelligent, easy to use battery energy storage system at an affordable cost, you can keep a happy life running through any outage.

All-In-One Design

Polinovel safe and reliable Lifepo4 lithium Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), the wheeled cabinet and plug-and-play design simplify your installation and wiring.

Safety Top Priority

Polinovel use the lifepo4 lithium battery to produce our home UPS. We always put the safety and reliability of our lithium home UPS as the top priority.

Customize Your Battery

Polinovel promise to design and produce high quality customized lithium batteries for you.

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