What to Consider Before Buying Solar Batteries?

Author: Polinovel    |    February 22, 2023
Solar Battery Buying Tips


Solar batteries store surplus solar energy generated from solar panels for later consumption, helping to reduce electricity expenditures and protect appliances from power outages. They do play an important role in home energy storage systems. But do you know what to consider before buying solar batteries?

Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Batteries

Purchasing from a professional manufacturer is one of the primary considerations. However, there are a few more things to consider to ensure that the batteries can deliver optimum performance and provide a steady power supply.

Battery Size

If you choose an undersized battery, it might not have sufficient power to run your entire house. And if you choose an oversized one, the solar panel won’t be able to fully charge the battery.

When selecting batteries, the size of the solar array, power requirements, and energy consumption need to be considered. When it comes to energy consumption, you can view your monthly bill to calculate your approximate daily consumption.

Battery Capacity and Power Rating

When it comes to investing in the proper solar battery storage systems, the battery capacity and power rating are the two important factors to consider. These factors will affect the functionality of residential battery storage systems.

The capacity of a battery is measured in kWh, which is the total amount of energy that it can store. Battery power rating is measured in kilowatts, which is the total amount of power the battery can deliver at any given time of day. If you want to power the entire home for a few hours, then you should choose batteries with a high power rating and low capacity. However, if you want to run some appliances for a long time, you should choose batteries with a low power rating and high capacity.

Depth of Discharge

Depth of discharge is a measure of the minimum capacity at which a battery can still provide power. Every battery needs to retain a minimum amount of power to function properly. If a battery discharges beyond its limits, it won’t be able to deliver the promised peak performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the depth of discharge when purchasing a battery.

Final Thoughts

It is important to select a suitable battery for your home energy storage system. Polinovel, a professional lithium solar battery manufacturer, can provide you with a wide range of high-quality LiFePO4 batteries for home solar energy systems, such as super thin Powerwall lithium batteries, high voltage stackable lithium batteries, all-in-one lithium home batteries, and so on.

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