Should You Replace Your Roof
Before Going Solar?

Author: Polinovel    |    February 23, 2023
Roof Replacement


Solar panel systems have been a popular choice for those who are looking to save electric bills and reduce dependence on the grid. These solar panels are installed on the roof of a residential property and can last approximately 25-35 years. However, such a long period of time poses other problems for homeowners. What is the condition of the roof? Can it hold the solar panels for that long?

Do You Need A Roof Replacement Before Going Solar?

Roof replacement is not required, but you may need to have your roof inspected prior to installing solar panels. This is a key step if you think your roof is nearing the end of its life, your roof may need to be replaced in the next 10 years or so, or if you need to make sure your roof can withstand the effort.

If you have a roof replacement, you will not need to re-roof again until your solar energy system needs to be replaced. Most homeowners who put solar panels on roofs with a lifespan of less than 15 years end up taking them down and replacing them. And the solar panel will then need to be reinstalled.

What’s more, the electricity saved from solar power can pay for a new roof. It is well known that using your own solar energy instead of paying for expensive power from the utility company will result in significant electricity savings over time. The savings will eventually offset the cost of the solar system, and since the savings will continue in the future, they will also offset the cost of your new roof.

In the long run, replacing your roof before going solar will help you save money in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.

And there are reasons to go solar without a new roof. You don’t need to install a new roof concurrently with the solar system as long as your roof can hold the weight of the solar system and has a significant lifespan.


If you decide to install solar panels on your home, you must also think about your roof. A roof replacement for solar panels is a good place to start.

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