What Is Solar Home System?

Author: Polinovel    |    July 27, 2023
Solar Home System


With a photovoltaic (PV) system installed on the roof or in the ground, a solar home can generate the electricity needed to power the home’s appliances and electronics. On-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, and hybrid solar systems are the three main categories of solar home systems.

Different Types of Solar Home Systems

On-gird Solar System 

When you install an on-grid solar system (or a grid-connected solar system), you can use the grid to get electricity when the solar panels aren’t able to produce it, such as when it’s cloudy or rainy, or at night.

The solar inverter will work well with the grid to efficiently use all solar energy before using any grid power. And when the daily solar power generation exceeds needs, the surplus is sent to the grid.

Off-grid Solar System 

The off-grid solar system is an independent power source that uses solar energy and batteries to deliver power around the clock without the need for a grid connection. The initial investment will be substantial, but electricity will be free thereafter.

Hybrid Solar System

The hybrid solar system enhances the on-grid solar system’s “energy storage” capability. It stores excess electricity in a battery, making it possible to use the power at a later time. When the solar panels are not producing enough energy, the home can use the stored energy from the battery. There are essentially no power outages after installing a hybrid solar system. The house battery will still provide power even if the grid goes down.

Why Invest in Solar Home Systems?

Rising Natural Gas Prices

Natural gas is a significant source of electricity. Due to recent events in the world, Russia’s natural gas exports have gone down, which has caused natural gas prices in some countries to go up by a lot.

Solar Cost Reduction

Manufacturing costs for solar energy systems have been managed and reduced thanks to the growth of the PV industry. The fundamental causes are advancements in technology and the integrity of the PV industry’s upstream and downstream supply chains.

Environmental Friendliness

Efforts to reduce carbon emissions have prompted a shift in energy consumption patterns away from fossil fuels and toward renewable sources. And solar energy is widely recognized as a sustainable and clean energy source that can be promoted for residential use.


Investing in solar home systems can not only lower our living expenses but also reduce carbon footprints and increase our environmental consciousness. If you are planning to build a solar home system, you can select Polinovel to get a tailored one for your specific needs.

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