12V System vs. 24V System: Which Is
Better For Your RV?

Author: Polinovel    |    March 15, 2023
12V System vs. 24V System for RV


You have the option of building either a 12-volt or 24-volt electrical system for your RV. However, what are the primary distinctions between these two systems? Specifically, which voltage system is better for your RV?

Advantages Of A 12V System

No Need For Voltage Converters

Compared to 24V devices, there are a lot more 12V devices on the market right now. Your 12V battery system will deliver the perfect voltage to and from the RV’s 12V devices (lights, refrigerator, etc.). You do not need to install a voltage converter as with a 24V system.

Easier To Charge RV Batteries While Driving

Most likely, your vehicle has a 12V starting battery. This makes linking the starting battery to the RV batteries a breeze and can be accomplished with a 12V DC-DC charger. If you go with a 24V system, you’ll need to add another voltage converter between your starting battery and your RV’s battery bank.

Advantages Of A 24V System

Smaller Wires

Less current (amps) is flowing through your wires in a 24V system due to the higher voltage. This means that various parts of your electrical build can use thinner wires. Moreover, due to the lower current, the resistance loss of the 24V system is significantly lower than that of the 12V battery system, making it safer and increasing the overall performance efficiency.

Smaller Solar Charge Controller

24V system is suitable for RVs equipped with solar systems. You can use a smaller and less expensive solar charge controller with a 24V system due to the fact that a higher voltage system can transfer fewer amps to the batteries.


Now you understand the differences between the 12V system and the 24V system. You can evaluate your requirements and pick an appropriate system for your RV.

When you decide to upgrade the electrical system for your RV, you may want to consider using lithium iron phosphate batteries to build up a 24V system. The LiFePO4 battery is safe and reliable and will ensure a better experience for you.

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