Difference Between Dual Purpose, Deep Cycle, And Starting Batteries for Marine Boats

Author: Polinovel    |    August 3, 2023
Dual Purpose VS Deep Cycle VS Starting Batteries


What are the different types of marine batteries? There are starting, deep cycle, and dual purpose batteries. This article aims to outline the differences among these three types of marine batteries, enabling you to select the most appropriate one based on your specific requirements.

Different Types of Marine Batteries

Starting batteries: This particular marine battery helps start the engine of your boat and is also referred to as a cranking battery. The purpose of starting batteries is to quickly generate a substantial amount of power in a short amount of time, effectively “cranking” the motor.

Deep cycle batteries: Deep cycle marine batteries are specifically designed to offer a consistent power supply to your devices for an extended duration. They are used to power loads such as navigation aids, fish finders, running lights, radios, and trolling motors.

Dual purpose batteries: Dual purpose marine batteries offer sufficient power for engine starting and continuous operation of your devices. These batteries, as the name suggests, serve the functions of both starting batteries and deep cycle batteries.

A deep cycle battery has the capability to be discharged and recharged significantly more times when compared to a dual purpose battery. The thicker plates in a deep cycle battery enable it to withstand a greater number of cycles. If you intend to keep your boat out on the water for extended periods and run multiple electronic devices simultaneously, opting for a deep cycle battery could be the best option for you.

On the other hand, dual purpose batteries provide the advantage of requiring only one kind of battery installed, unlike deep cycle batteries which also require a starting battery onboard. In the case of smaller boats with limited space, dual purpose batteries are the better choice as they help you save onboard space and reduce overall weight.


Selecting the appropriate marine battery is not that complicated. It involves taking into account certain important factors. By evaluating aspects such as available space and overall usage requirements, you can identify the most suitable battery for your boat.

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