Lithium Battery Safety Tips: What You Should Know

Author: Polinovel    |    December 2, 2022
Lithium Battery Safety Tips


Lithium batteries are now an everyday part of our lives. They are being used in an increasing number of applications. Due to their prevalence and widespread application, battery safety must be prioritized. So in this article, we will cover some lithium battery safety tips.

How to Handle Lithium Batteries Safely?

First off, you should avoid charging lithium batteries below sub-freezing temperatures. Using or charging the lithium battery at low temperatures can affect its performance. When lithium batteries are charged below zero degrees, the plating will form on the anode and cannot be removed.

Second, you should protect your battery from strong impacts or sharp objects. Do not drop the battery or put it in the toolbox with other items. This could cause damage to the protective circuits or dividers inside the battery.

What’s more, lithium batteries should be kept away from heat-generating components within the system or within the charger unit. Thermal runaway in lithium batteries typically occurs between 130 and 170°C. While this is well above the 60°C operating temperature rating, unexpected thermal runaway may occur due to proximity to heat sources, high discharge rates, high SoC, and aging cells.

How to Dispose of Lithium Batteries?

  • Before proceeding with further material recovery, ensure that batteries are removed from devices and kept segregated.
  • To avoid potential hazards, short circuits should be avoided by insulating battery terminals or wires.
  • If the lithium batteries are physically damaged, store them in an insulated plastic bag to prevent short circuits.
  • Recycle your batteries in a battery recycling bin or a recycling center.

Final Thoughts

Even though lithium batteries have a very low incidence of safety issues, it is still important to follow the battery safety tips. If you do that, you can put your worries to rest while using your battery.

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