Deep Cycle Battery: What You Need to Know

Author: Polinovel    |    November 25, 2022
Deep Cycle Battery


You may have seen that some batteries are labeled as “deep cycle batteries”. What does “deep cycle” mean? In this article, we will make a brief introduction to deep cycle batteries.

What Is A Deep Cycle Battery?

A deep cycle battery is designed to offer a sustained power output over an extended period of time. It can continuously handle deep discharge, which can be over 80% DoD. It is different from a starting battery, which provides a large burst of power for a short time to start engines.

About Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

There are several types of deep cycle batteries: flooded lead acid batteries, sealed lead acid batteries (AGM and Gel batteries), and lithium batteries. Lithium battery is a newcomer compared to lead acid battery and is becoming more and more popular.

All lithium batteries qualify as deep cycle batteries because they can be 100% discharged and recharged. Lithium batteries can provide constant voltage at any discharge rate. They also have many other advantages. They are about 1/3 lighter than lead acid batteries, have a long cycle life, can be recharged fast, etc.

LiFePO4 battery is a well-received lithium battery on the market. It is widely used in deep cycle applications like trolling motors, boats, solar energy systems, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Deep cycle batteries are the perfect solutions for solar energy systems, golf carts, marine, material handling, and a wide variety of applications due to the sustained power they provide.

LiFePO4 battery is a commonly-used deep cycle battery. If you want to choose a suitable LFP deep cycle battery, you can always contact Polinovel. With over 15 years of experience, Polinovel has designed many batteries for different scenarios to meet customers’ needs.

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