How to Store LiFePO4 Batteries?

Author: Polinovel    |    January 17, 2023


It is important for us to have a clear picture of how to store LiFePO4 batteries properly so that the battery performance can be maximized. If you don’t store the LiFePO4 batteries in the proper way, they can be easily over-discharged, causing damage to the batteries.

To ensure you store the LiFePO4 batteries correctly, we introduce some storage tips you need to pay attention to.

How to Store LiFePO4 Batteries Properly?

First, you should pay attention to the storage temperature. Storing the LiFePO4 batteries at a suitable temperature can ensure their performance. Below is the recommended storage temperature (for reference):

  1. For about one month: -20 °C to 60 °C
  2. For about three months: -20 °C to 45 °C
  3. For about six months: -20 °C to 25 °C

To optimize the battery performance, you should make sure the LiFePO4 batteries have a SOC of 50% or higher before storage. You should also ensure the batteries are holding their charge every two to three months.

What’s more, all loads should be disconnected before storage. You can’t store the inverter, charger, etc connected to the LiFePO4 batteries, which will speed up the battery consumption.

Why Is Proper Battery Storage Important?

If you don’t pay attention to the ambient temperature, such as storing the LiFePO4 batteries at subzero temperature for a long time, the batteries may experience a great loss of charge.

What’s more, storing LiFePO4 batteries without a charge can have a serious impact on battery capacity. We recommend not leaving the batteries in a state of being completely drained for extended periods of time.

Final Thoughts

The advantages of LFP batteries are very clear to everyone. How to maintain the best performance of the LFP batteries is what we need to focus on. Proper storage of lithium iron phosphate batteries when not in use is a great way to extend their life and maintain their performance.

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