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Energy Storage System

Hybrid Solar Energy System is also named On&Off Grid Solar Energy System. It has the feature and functions of both on-grid and off-grid solar energy systems. If you have a set of hybrid solar energy system, you could use electricity from the solar panel in the daytime when the sun shines, you could use electricity stored in the battery bank in the evening or on rainy days.

System Diagram

Technical Parameters

Item 3KW+5KWh 5KW+5KWh 8KW+10KWh 10KW+10KWh
Half Cell Solar Panel 450W Mono * 8pcs 450W Mono * 12pcs 450W Mono * 16pcs 450W Mono * 22pcs
Hybrid Inverter 3KW 5KW 8KW 10KW
Lithium Battery 5KWh Lifepo4 Battery (KEY5) 5KWh Lifepo4 Battery (KEY5) 10KWh Lifepo4 Battery (KEY10) 10KWh Lifepo4 Battery (KEY10)
PV Combiner Box 1pc 1pc 1pc 1pc
PV Cable 4-6mm2 4-6mm2 4-6mm2 4-6mm2
Mounting Bracket Roof/Ground Roof/Ground Roof/Ground Roof/Ground
MC4 Connector 8pcs 12pcs 16pcs 22pcs
Installation Tools 1set 1set 1set 1set

Half Cell Solar Panel

  1. Positive power tolerance: 0~+5W
  2. Outstanding mechanical load resistance
  3. Potential induced degradation (PID) resistant
  4. Great durability against the extreme condition
  5. 100% EL double-inspection ensure modules are fault-free
  6. Modules binned by current to improve system performance
solar panel
solar inverter

Hybrid Solar Inverter

  1. Dual MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency
  2. Exclusive Lithium battery BMS dual activation
  3. Time-slot function to save cost with peak-valley tariff
  4. Solar Charger Controller with200A high charging current
  5. Outputs high-quality pure sine wave AC power
  6. Support RS485, CAN, GPRS, and WIFI communication methods

Lithium Battery

  1. LiFePO4 battery with high safety and long life span
  2. Different energy capacities to meet varying needs
  3. Wide temperature range of -15~60℃
  4. Compact design for less installation space
KEY Series Home Battery
mounting bracket

Mounting Bracket

  1. The ground solar mounting system
  2. Residential roof (pitched roof)
  3. Commercial roof (flat roof & workshop roof)
  4. Car parking solar mounting system
  5. Vertical wall solar mounting system


  1. AC cable
  2. DC switch
  3. AC breaker
  4. AC/DC combiner box
  5. PV Cable 4mm2 6mm2

PV Tools

  1. Wire cable cutter & stripper
  2. MC3 MC4 crimper
  3. MC4 connectors assembly
  4. Disassembly tool
Model HV19250 HV192100 HV24050 HV240100 HV38450 HV384100 HV48050 HV480100
Nominal Voltage 192V 192V 240V 240V 384V 384V 480V 480V
Nominal Capacity 50Ah 100Ah 50Ah 100Ah 50Ah 100Ah 50Ah 100Ah
Energy 9.6kWh 19.2kWh 12kWh 24kWh 19.2kWh 38.4kWh 24kWh 48kWh
Charge Cut-off Voltage 218V 218V 200V 200V 435V 435V 545V 545V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 160V 160V 270V 270V 320V 320V 400V 400V
Recommended Charge Current 25A 50A 25A 50A 25A 50A 25A 50A
Max. Charge Current 50A 100A 50A 100A 50A 100A 50A 100A
Max. Constant Discharge Current 50A 100A 50A 100A 50A 100A 50A 100A
Peak Current 100A 200A 100A 200A 100A 200A 100A 200A
Communication RS485/CAN RS485/CAN RS485/CAN RS485/CAN RS485/CAN RS485/CAN RS485/CAN RS485/CAN
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 460*330*480 600*600*1600 460*330*640 1530*600*600 460*330*780 600*600*1600 600*600*1600 1200*600*1600
Weight 100kg 190kg 170kg 260kg 280kg 500kg 350kg 600kg
Charge Temperature 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C 0~50 °C
Discharge Temperature -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C -15~ 60°C

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