Leap Forward Lithium Technology Battery

83V 630Ah Lithium Forklift Battery

  • Model: FL83630
  • LiFePO4 battery ensures high performance and extended runtime
  • High discharge current for high efficiency
  • Intelligent BMS provides overcharge/over-discharge/overcurrent protections
  • Customizable battery size for easy installation

Polinovel 83V 630Ah lithium battery utilizes high-quality LFP cells for consistent power, fast charging efficiency, long life and zero maintenance. It is a superior battery solution for many motive power and material handling applications, such as forklifts, stackers, reach trucks, lift trucks, order pickers, tow motors, pallet jacks, AGVs and more.

83V 630Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery For Forklift

Polinovel lithium forklift battery features a smart BMS with multiple safety features such as protection against overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, short circuits, etc., which guarantees safe and reliable operation. What’s more, the BMS embeds an advanced balancing algorithm that regulates the voltage of each cell, making sure that every cell maintains a consistent voltage level, thus ensuring optimized battery performance.

Polinovel lithium traction batteries deliver powerful, safe, and reliable uphill performance for a forklift with a load of 3.5 tons. They are the ideal choice for demanding material handling tasks.

Technical Parameters

Model FL83630
Nominal Voltage 83.2V
Nominal Capacity 630Ah
Energy 52416Wh
Charge Voltage 94.9V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 71.5V
Charge Current ≤200A
Constant Discharge Current 200A
Peak Discharge Current 400A @20s
Dimension 1028*999*784 mm (40.5*39.3*30.9 in)
Weight 2100kg / 4630lbs
Cycle Life @DOD100% ≥2000 cycles
Charge Temperature 0~45ºC
Discharge Temperature -20~55ºC
Storage Temperature 20~45ºC

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