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Cost-effective Lithium-Ion Battery Solutions

Extensive Lithium Battery Accessories Services

R&D Capacity (Main Teams Comes From the Top3 Factory China)

Your Best Solution For Various Lithium Ion Battery Applications

Polinovel battery Built-in high standards from the inside to the outside, and the quality of the lithium-ion batteries compactly and durable.

Advanced manufacture machines technology and best quality components all are professional on your brand uses of lithium ion battery to grow your market values.

Safer lithium ion cells storage system supports Polinovel lithium battery in high energy density, our higher quality control in every precise production process is your best supplier backup for any of lifepo4 applications

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Skilled R&D Teams

Fast solutions on any of lithium ion battery using to give your competitive service.

Polinovel R&D Teams

Good Materials

We use the best quality of parts and offer more worthy prices on the lifepo4 battery applications

Polinovel Employees

The longest 10years experience laborer working with us to undertake every battery production process quality.

Polinovel Worker

Polinovel Machine Platform Ability

Hi-tech facility capabilities to deliver your first-class
level of lithium-ion battery in your marketing

Polinovel Machine Platform

Enrolling Battery Pack

All our lithium battery are made of standard quality manufacturing from top machine technologies, ensuring high performance lithium batteries for your sales

Polinovel production

Safe Storage System for Our Lithium Cells

Professional lifepo4 battery storage warehouse in Polinovel.Our cells of high-temperature aging test for more than 30 days before manufacturing lithium batteries pack.

lithium Cells Warehouse
Lithium-ion battery solution

Lithium-ion battery solution for any applications

Boom Your Business With Our Expert Li-ion Solution!

Unsurpassed Lithium Battery Technology To Match Your Applications Quality Requirements

Specialized Lithium Battery Inspection and Reliable Product Internal Structures on Your Lithium Battery Use.

Polinovel lithium battery company manages the entire deep cycle lithium battery solution development

lithium ion battery test

Quality Control

100% tight test on our all batteries to keep consistent for your applications of lithium ion battery, quality control is a basic factor in the production process and plays a key role in the high quality of the lithium battery.

Therefore, Polinovel only employs rich experiences QC in testing and selects good quality lithium cells to ensure a lifetime longer.

lithium battery internal structure

Structure of Battery

The sturdy internal structure of the battery not only affects our quality but also has a great impact on the protection of your lithium battery applications.

In Polinovel, accomplished workers will complete the assembly of each lithium battery under our strict SOP operation process.

lithium battery packaging

Better Package Solutions To Saving Your Money

Polinovel provides your best lithium battery packing in shipment solutions due to it belongs to the dangerous goods (DG) category, all lithium batteries, and lithium battery charges or accessories are used in a different protective package.

For each different transportation type of road, rail, sea, or air, we have various packaging methods which ensure the packing meets its regulations. Such as the Un38.3 test report for every cargo safe of lithium ion battery applications.

Projects Videos

Including RV Battery Reviews in USA Market

Big Distributor Order Experiences

Over 35 Countries Project Solutions
Services 2000+ Customers in the Global Market

For our dealer’s plan, Polinovel has a strict confidentiality policy and never publicizes and exposes them in the market.

If you intend to cooperate with Polinovel in the distribution of lithium batteries or join our distributor cooperation networks.

Please believe that we are only behind you as the manufacturers that provide engineering technology, professional market information, procurement, workers, QC support, and so on you need.

Polinovel is your best lithium-ion battery solutions provider.

What lithium ion battery solution services do we offer?

Whatever your clients require from custom battery packs to lithium cells or charges, Polinovel can support.

Polinovel is more than happy to supply lithium battery testing for any lithium ion batteries uses;

offers a measurement report for each of our batteries that achieve li-ion battery standards and gives your customers a sense of professionalism on their products that is secure, reliable, and high-quality.

(Our lithium batteries all do the salt spraying test before going to platform manufacturers) 

if your customer required, Polinovel can help design a protection board, flexible battery size, and waterproof level.

Polinovel Battery Internal Structure

This is the Sample 3D Drawing, if you require this E-drawing service, that’s free to design.

polinovel battery internal structure

What About Polinovel Battery Consistence?

The more consistences the lithium ion batteries are, the better your applications will run and last a longer period of time. In this case, when it comes to considering lithium ion batteries from any manufacturers, you should take a close look at the battery consistency. There are numerous manufacturers out there in the market that produce lithium ion batteries.

Polinovel Lithium batteries consist of those parts: BMS (protection board), Batteries, Internal protective materials, and Shells, Series wires such as charging and discharging interface, display screen, fuse, voltage collection line, temperature sensing collection line, and charging and discharging power line;

At Polinovel, one of the largest and trusted lithium ion solutions providers we assure of Ohmic resistance, polarisation voltage, state of charge (SOC), and maximum available capacity. Therefore, we are capable of building trust with our valued distributors, dealers, and customers all over the globe.

When it comes to lithium ion battery application, you can blindly trust our products because our experienced in-house R&D team, engineers, manufacturing team work hard together. In this way, we can ensure better consistency for lithium ion batteries for our customers.

Polinovel Lithium Ion Batteries Applications

with better lithium battery solutions from China factory

  • To use the safest and most stable components.
  • Strict manufacturing process.
  • Cost-effective lithium ion battery uses.
  • IP54 rating or higher(IP65/IP67 )waterproof with standard spill-resistant water
  • Flexible size of any lithium ion battery applications as a free drawing design.
  • Support at least 10 units connected in parallel to expand your capacity.
  • Equipped with 90% main brand of invertors, connector terminal type.
  • Extensive accessories supported, including lithium battery charges.
  • A plastic or metal housing battery is available.
  • “BMS + Safe Board” dual protection to ensure the battery in high-accuracy State of Charge (SOC) calculations.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery supply with the advanced technology of Bluetooth5.0, low-temperature  -35°C(-31°F), and shockproof.
  • UL, CE, ROHS, BSMI, MSDS, and UN38.3 compliance ready

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What Are the Different Applications of Our Lithium-ion Batteries?

LIBs(lithium ion batteries) has attracted great interest as an excellent reversible energy storage device due to their high density, low self-discharge, long cycle life, and other benefits to obtain advanced storage performance, so far, most sellers focused on a reliable quality supplier who is professinal technology in any of lithium ion projects.

Whatever li metal batteries or plastic recharge batteries, Polinovel can all support many different solutions of lithium-ion batteries applications, for example, RV, AGV, golf cart, forklift, lithium starting battery, lithium solar storage, home battery backup power supply, fishing boat, and marine battery, and etc.

With much experience in lithium-ion batteries uses, the left photos showed applications we did for your references:

  1. V7000 Powerwall Lithium Home Power Battery
  2. Novel 12V 100Ah Bluetooth Monitoring RV Lithium Battery
  3. 48V 200Ah Lithium Sailing Boat Battery
  4. 48V 100Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
  5. 36V 40Ah Trolling Motor Lithium Battery
Polinovel solar storage battery operation

Benefit Your Renewable Energy Market with Polinovel Solar Battery Manufacturer

Lithium solar batteries use in a grid solar energy storage system, it is maintenance-free and high-efficient to power the equipment you need when choosing Polinovel lithium battery solution as part of your solar energy storage, you are making the most of it.

This is because Pinovel solar batteries are the superior clean energy solution, which the user can select the charge by solar panel or by the charger flexibly even in the most extreme climate. Monitoring the voltage, power, and temperature in real-time and alarm if the system is in a malfunction.

  • Controlling in/output current, protect overcharging and discharging and longer life
  • A real-time digital LCD with a smart power system to learn days of use time
  • Easy to install and freely size on any lithium solar batteries application
  • Fast charge in a short time with a safe environment.
Golf Cart Battery

Rapid Growth of Golf Cart Dealer Projects

Polinovel’s distributor will get flexible solutions you won’t find from other lithium battery suppliers in China. Because our golf cart lithium battery is competitive design in unparalleled products appearance.it is easy to replace and a smarter battery overall, providing users performance like never before.

Be partnership with our golf cart lithium battery project, Polinovel cares your lithium batteries sales increase, you’ll have access to our entire China factory service which expert in R&D teams, marketing, skilled workmen, quality battery raw materials and advantages of application manufacturing experiences, etc.

Moreover, classic 4 or 6 seaters electric golf cart we have mature applications to perhaps benefit your business. Golf cart dealers or distributors can quickly find new projects at competitive advantages for your sales volume.

  • Long-range of 60Ah~200Ah,48V lithium batteries for utility vehicles with approved charger and fuel gauge
  • Traveling time increased approx.40%
  • Custom power is designed to meet any type of golf car or electric vehicle with unique battery management software to easily monitor the device’s energy
  • Quality from inside out in the first-class lithium batteries

lithium product

Easy Installation in Any Vehicles and Boats with Polinovel Lithium Leisure Batteries

At Polinovel, Battery size design flexibly with models from 20Ah to 300Ah to cover most lithium battery applications. Lithium leisure battery uses in a motorhome, campervan, caravan, camper, trailer or kayak, and other vehicles.

Polinovel is coming down price all the time with quality production. Although lithium battery for camper van cost is higher, the through-life costs are longer than lead acid battery, it requires avoiding overcharging, prevent over-discharge, and balance the battery cells within the battery.

If lithium battery or auxiliary batteries is working effectively and safely for the maximum long time, this means that the charging voltage of the alternator, mains charger, and solar panel(if installed) are matched for specific lifepo4 settings. otherwise, the battery will be damaged.

  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • No drop significantly in voltage
  • Fast charge, safe fast discharge, equipped with brands inverters
  • 50% Lighter weight VS similar Ah rating lead-acid battery

Fishing boat battery

Power Your Adventures on the Water by Polinovel Lithium Boat Battery

From the fishing boat, marine, sailing boat to yachts, reply on Polinovel lithium boat batteries to dependable power all your activities for everything you need at the sea, long-lasting bass boat batteries can be useable as much more time on the water. We offer solutions to every boat application on your lithium batteries.

  • Bluetooth battery monitoring the State of Charge(Soc) via Free Android or IOS or tablet to know exactly your engine or trolling motor how long will run.
  • Flexible sizes support and IP54 or higherIP65 waterproof
  • Low self-discharge, long shelf life, easy to store in winter
  • Use 2 or 3 in series to achieve 24V or 36V, or a single 36V lithium battery
  • 95% power useable VS 60% less in lead acid batteries
Powerwall battery to replace Tesla's battery

Optimize Operations and Reduce Your Energy Storage Cost with our Solar Powerwall Solutions

Our wall mounted batteries can replace Tesla powerwall to store your energy for use in grid solar powerwall, it keeps home devices without maintenance, carbon, or noise-making operating.

It is working with solar at any time to store energy when the sun is shining, user can also reply on Polinovel powerwall battery when it doesn’t have sunlight.

Easy operation and concise design to pair with most the brand of inverters with maximum 10 units powerwalls in parallel for large capacity to power your home.

  • Fashionable design and compact construction various models of any powerwall applications
  • Simple installation and easy to use safely in the regulation of IEC62133 and CE
  • Water-resistant and high operational reliability even in the most extreme environment
  • Maintenance-free with 10years long lifetime
  • Experienced solution in V500 with 5.2kwh

portable lithium battery

Rechargeable Portable Power Supply from Smartphone to Electrical Appliances and Anything in Between

This is one of the type portable power stations supplied by 18650 lithium cells to meet most electrical appliances. Ergonomically designed with a durable handle for lithium battery application of outdoor recreations, outdoor hiking, camping, RV travel and home backup supply, and more to keep a charge even in the harshest exploration.

It is lightweight only 3.5kg (7.7lbs) and easy to take under three convenient methods to charge by 12vdc, solar panel, AC power, and USB ports output with rugged construction. the LCD display provides charge/discharges data, battery capacity status, and output situations.

  • Keep outdoor off-grid longer power
  • 299Wh large capacity and 300W high rated power.
  • Freely output ports in USB, type C, DC carport, AC outlets model
  • Built-in LCD screen and four lighting models allow easy to use anywhere
Low temperature battery for cold weather

Lithium Batteries Cold Weather

If your customer seeking a low-temperature battery to overcome the power shortage in a cold situation, you are in the right place.

Polinovel lithium batteries have an internal heating process that is the best battery chemistry for cold weather, it will heat the system automatically in a safe environment.

  • The strong chemical method, performance at even -25°C(-10°F)
  • Internal rapid heating
  • Simple charging connection
  • Temperature resistant design
  • Dual smart thermal control
  • “BMS + Safe Board” dual protection to ensure the battery in high-accuracy State of Charge (SOC) calculations.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery supply with the advanced technology of Bluetooth5.0and shockproof.

Forklift Battery,lithium forklift battery

Lithium Ion Forklift Battery Application For Your Sales

For forklifts battery uses field, it has high regulation on the current protection board and senior power of the cells. You have to consider a battery that has increased productivity, reduced risk, and a longer lifespan.

Branded vehicle batteries need to be compatible with big brand forklifts, Polinovel Lithium ion batteries can meet all your sales on forklift battery application because we have much experience in the brand of Toyota, Crown, and other brands of forklifts.

Your customers don’t need to buy batteries frequently and good quality service impression on the customer side.

So, your company forklifts should have branded lithium ion batteries like Polinovel lithium batteries. Our forklift batteries are powerful, safe, and reliable forklift batteries. Polinovel advanced technology also offers a longer lifespan and custom forklift batteries, as well.

  • To use the safest and most stable components.
  • Strict manufacturing process.
  • A plastic or metal housing battery is available.
  • UL, CE, ROHS, BSMI, MSDS, and UN38.3 compliance ready

More applications on lithium ion batteries with your cooperation

Right to be the OEM supplier of custom li-ion batteries to satisfy our customers with continuous innovation and state of lifepo4 battery technology in the highest standards.

Our lithium ion batteries are completely compatible with most established brand inverters. Lithium ion batteries that are manufactured at Polinovel get faster charge up to 5X and can provide more power than traditional lead acid batteries. So, it should be your wise decision to make your dealership with Polinovel in the market.

Home UPS

You can run your built-in inverter on Polinovel home UPS that supports a maximum of 5.5KW

Deep Cycle Marine Battery

 Provide deeply discharged in the wide range of 12volt, 24volt, 36volt, and up to a max of 48volt.

Special Electric Vehicles Lithium Batteries

For use of lithium batteries specialties, Polinovel has been manufacturing for years with goodwill.

AGV/AMR Batteries

Polinovel’s lithium battery solution can provide high energy density, fast charging and intelligent system balance integration functions

Extensive Accessories

It cannot use any chargers set to charge lithium batteries. We can customize the AC input socket and DC output connector for your different country’s Li-ion Batteries Uses.

Why Polinovel Lithium Battery?

Professinal service for exporting the lithium ion battery application products, although it is in COVID19 situation in the global,  you can’t visit us and we also not visit you back, but email timely response, Skype and WeChat communication and fast calling can make us feel we are working in the same space.

As for your requirements, the very straightforward reply to the query is Polinovel manufactures the best lithium ion batteries that provide better battery solutions. For more than a decade, we have been thriving in the competitive market satisfying our good dealers, customers, and distributors from the solar storage battery to deep cycle batteries.

Polinovel has been producing world-class, industry-standard lithium batteries that can be used in your daily appliances and applications without any issue. We have an expert R&D team, a skilled in-house engineering team, and a handy manufacturing team. Therefore, our effort is to manufacture and distribute high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-capability lithium batteries worldwide.

lithium ion battery solution service

Customize Your Unique Brand Battery

You know that the applications of lithium ion battery are endless. Polinovel has come up with a custom battery design so that you can find it suitable for your unique brand.

Polinovel, in this situation, should come handy because we have years of experience in manufacturing custom lithium ion batteries for companies in the world. When submitting your needed applications, our expert design team will assist you to achieve your goal.

Within a week or less, we are capable of manufacturing your custom lithium ion batteries for your unique brand so that you can stand out in the competition.

Lithium Ion Batteries Manufacturing

Distributor Polinovel Battery

When it comes to lithium battery uses, only the manufacturer name that should come to your mind is Polinovel. Our primary goal is to satisfy our valued distributors worldwide. With that view in mind, we have been working hard and manufacturing world-class, high-capacity lithium batteries for our honored distributors like you.

Polinovel should be your one-stop lithium ion battery solution when you are searching for a trusted manufacturer. We have a global presence and our network is growing fast due to our customer service, high-quality products, and their performance.

Whether it is for your unique brand or your custom needs, we produce any lithium battery packs so that we can meet your needs.

Contact Polinovel &View Our Partnerships

For lithium ion battery solutions we served 2000+ customers, Polinovel has successfully helped our partners with our OEM& ODM, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, custom-made brand partnerships, or industrial lithium-ion battery projects!

Hope your brand will be in our partner network like big customers who have a certain lithium ion battery market share.

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Polinovel Lithium-ion Batteries FAQs

Q: How can I understand which lithium battery I need to install?

A: Without knowing the purpose of the installation of a lithium battery, you might spend a lot of money. So, it should be wise to determine which LiFePO4 battery you actually need to install. Therefore, you can expect a better results from the installation.

Identifying how you want to use the energy of your installed lithium battery is more important. Maybe, you want to use the inverter to run electronic devices on the vehicles. Also, you have to calculate how much power you need to run them. When the battery gets low in charge, you have to consider the way you want to charge it.

After determining all those things, you can go for a lithium battery for your specific purpose. Otherwise, you might install a wrong size lithium battery that is just a waste of time and your hard-earned money.

Q:Where can I use a Lithium Battery?

A: For any application that usually has one or more Lead Acid, Gel, or AGM Batteries, you should use a lithium battery. Application: Batteries of Polinovel are used for the most common applications in marine, RV, solar, automotive, effective, golf carts, UV, Versatility, and personalized applications.

Q:Is LiFePO4 dangerous or lead-acid/AGM?

A: LiFePO4 better than acid/AGM plumbing. Plus, in protecting circuits, a Polinovel Lithium Battery is installed. This prevents a short circuit and provides a buffer against under/overvoltage.

Lead/AGM does not contain sulphuric acid and flooded plum acid will spill and destroy you, the atmosphere, and your machinery. Batteries of lithium are screened and without fluids and do not discharge gasses.

Q:Will the battery work on wet/damp locations?

A: Lithium Polinovel batteries have been sealed but are not washable in wet or humid locations. Both lithium-ion batteries should be placed in a dry area avoiding exposure to the water. These batteries can be water-resistant or not, but these added steps can enhance the battery’s lifespan. Choose your battery from a reputed company so that you can get all facilities to enhance the battery performance.

Q:How to mount it?

A: The batteries can also be placed upside down in any way. The battery works but you match it since there is no liquid in them and they are solid.

Q:Does it effective in heat/cold?

A: The operating temperature of the lithium bass boat batteries is higher than lead-acid/AGM. They were very cold (over 150F) and intense hot (below -20F). If it’s cold, though, simply switch the battery and turn on some gadgets! Just ensure the air flows through the battery when it is heated.

Q:Which size of lithium do battery I need?

A: What your goals are more. The capacity of our lithium as a lead-acid and AGM batteries is around twice as high. So, if you want to boost your battery time (Amps), you need to upgrade to the same Amps battery (or more).

That is, you can get about twice the available amp with around half the weight if you swap a 100amp battery with a 100amp Polinovel battery. If you choose a lighter, much less weight, or less costly battery.

The 100amp battery can then be replaced with a 50amp battery from Polinovel. It will cost less, and around 1⁄4 the weight, about the same available amps.

Q:The Durability of the battery?

A:For 3000-5000 life cycles, a Polinovel Battery may be used. It can be 10 years or more depending on use. Acid lead and AGM are given approximately 300-500 life cycles before their potential is greatly diminished.

Thus, although the update with a Polinovel battery costs more, the upgrade saves you time with money.

Q:Can I use lithium batteries in my motor home?

A: At Polinovel, you will discover different sizes and types of lithium ion batteries for different purposes. Our lithium batteries are suitable for your motorhome, boats, and caravan. There are a number of manufacturers in the world that are manufacturing lithium batteries for standard equipment. If you can install a lithium battery like LiFePO4 in your vehicles, it will not affect your vehicles anymore.

Q: Can I replace any leasure battery (Lead-Acid) with a lithium ion battery?

A: Yes, you can do the replacement of your lead acid battery with a lithium ion battery. But you have to consider a few essential things before you replace the existing battery. The lithium ion battery you are going to install should come from a trusted and reputable supplier. It is because only a reputed manufacturing company can ensure the exact voltage, energy you need.

You need to consider other things including charging time and capacity. You should not charge the battery more than 60 amps. You might know that the charger that is used to charge lead acid battery will not charge fully the lithium battery. Not only that, if the battery is not charged fully with the appropriate charger, you might not expect a longer lifespan than a lithium battery provides.

Q: Is an inverter needed for a lithium battery?

A: Whether you need an inverter or not will depend on the use of the lithium ion battery. First of all, you have to decide for which you want to use the lithium battery. If you want to run your home appliances including coffee makers, microwave ovens, hair driers, and toasters, you need at least 230V AC power.

In this case, you have to use an inverter to charge 24V or 12V DC power to 230V AC current that is capable of operating your home appliances. Other than that, you don’t require an inverter if your goal is not to run those appliances.

Q: Which type of inverter do I need?

A: All relies upon what you need to run from it. Discover the absolute rating in Watts of the 230V machines that you’ll use simultaneously. At that point, add 25% to err on the side of caution. On the off chance that you simply have a telephone charger, go for an inverter with the least yield you can discover, estimated in Watts. In the event that you need to run a hair drier, an espresso machine, or a microwave, you’ll need to think about a 2kW or even 3kW model.

There are two sorts of inverter: changed sine wave and unadulterated sine wave. An unadulterated sine wave inverter will create power practically indistinguishable from what emerges from a 13A attachment at home. This is fundamental for the appropriate activity of certain apparatuses including espresso machines and oscillating brushes however any apparatus will run better on power from an unadulterated sine wave inverter.

Changed sine wave inverters are less expensive however will not work with some hardware. Basic machines like hair dryers or pots will presumably be OK however others either will not run at all or may even burst into flames. With an unadulterated sine wave inverter, you can be sure that every one of your machines will work effectively.

Q: I want to use the 230V sockets in my motorhome without 230v hook-up. Can I use it?

A:For that, you have to use a separate switch so that you can prevent the main hook-up. At the same time, the inverter will supply the power from the socket to run your home appliances and electric devices.

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