Batteries in Series & in Parallel: What You Need to Know

Author: Polinovel    |    November 11, 2022
Batteries in Series and in Parallel


You may have seen the terms series connection and parallel connection. Do you know the meanings of these terms?

If you want to build a system with multiple batteries, you need to know how to wire batteries in series or in parallel. Let’s take a closer look at the series connection and parallel connection in this article.

About Series Connection and Parallel Connection

Connect Batteries in Series

Connecting batteries in series can increase the battery voltage output. For example, if you connect two 12V 300Ah batteries in series, you will get a battery voltage of 24V. The capacity remains the same, which is 300Ah.

Before you wire batteries in series, you should make sure the batteries have the same voltage and capacity rating to avoid damaging them.

To wire batteries in series, connect the positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of the next. Then, continue to connect them in this way until all the needed batteries are connected.

Connect Batteries in Parallel

Connecting batteries in parallel can increase the battery capacity, however, the voltage is the same. For example, if you wire two 12V 100Ah batteries in parallel, you can get a 12V 200Ah battery system. Like connecting batteries in series, all the batteries in parallel should have the same capacity and voltage.

To wire batteries in parallel, connect the positive terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of the next. Then, do the same with the negative terminals.

Batteries in Series or in Parallel: Which Is Right for You?

Wondering whether to put batteries in series or in parallel? The decision to connect batteries in series or in parallel usually depends on the needs of the equipment being powered.

Connecting batteries in series might be better for large applications that need high voltage. In this situation, you can use thinner wiring because of the lower current.

If you want simple wiring and common voltage, you can put batteries in parallel. And if there is a problem with one battery, it won’t affect others. Other working batteries can still supply power.

Final Thoughts

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