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    Polinovel manufacturer has rich experience in lithium battery customization.

Polinovel battery production

Offer more flexible customization

Polinovel XT/GXT series lithium batteries are iron case packaged batteries that offer more flexibility and feasibility on size, shape, and function customization. The battery case and cover are screw-fixed, the openable design makes battery maintenance simple and efficient. XT/GXT lifepo4 batteries’ structure design and accessories configuration are at a high grade that provides outstanding waterproof and safety performance.

Optimized for cost, performance, and use safety.

Affordable and effective option

Polinovel lithium-ion battery for replacement of lead-acid counterpart is a safe, affordable, and effective option for those who want to power a small to medium trolling motor, marine boat, RV, leisure caravan, golf cart, forklift, solar storage, and other vehicles or energy storage equipment.

The range covers rechargeable Li-ion LiFePO4 batteries from 12v to 120v, 1ah to 1000ah, and each battery incorporates the durable BMS which protects against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature, safeguarding the battery if abused.

lithium battery manufacture

Top-quality option

Features strong internal structure technology for increased shock and vibration resistance and reduced self-discharge. For those who want a safe battery, the Polinovel deep cycle lithium iron phosphate battery is a top-quality option that promises reliable power out for the equipment. It can be installed at any angle and requires zero maintenance.

Lithium ion battery OEM

The parameter choice of a battery is depending on the size of your power and the length of using time of total loading. Choose one of our batteries below or customize one to meet your application device’s specific power needs.

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