Polinovel Battery Series and Application

Author: Polinovel    |    February 22, 2022


Polinovel is a professional manufacturer of lithium batteries, the main one is lithium iron phosphate battery. The series of lithium iron phosphate batteries include HD, HDN, HT, Arctic, XT, AF, light electric vehicle batteries, energy storage batteries, and starting batteries.

HD Series Lithium Battery

HD lithium-ion batteries are POLINOVEL regular products. This product is available in a variety of sizes and capacities for multiple applications, such as RVs, new energy vehicles, golf carts, ships, forklifts, and scooters. The battery cell inside the HD series is 32700, which is a cylindrical battery. It is fixed by means of locking screws. This ensures that the battery can be used normally even on bumpy roads.

HDN Series Lithium Battery

HDN series batteries are basically the same as HD series batteries. The main difference is that the HDN shell has an additional display function, which can know the usage status of the battery and the remaining power of the battery. Its application areas are RVs, fishing boats, forklifts, mopeds, golf carts.

HT Series Lithium Battery

The basic functions of the HT series are similar to those of the HD series, mainly adding the Bluetooth control function. Whether it is in the application of the RV or the application of the yacht, the status of the battery can be known in real time.

Arctic Series Lithium Battery

The Arctic series are low-temperature performance batteries that can be charged in an environment of minus 35 degrees Celsius. It is suitable for ships, RVs, golf carts, automated guided vehicles, forklifts, and solar systems.

XT Series Lithium Battery

The XT Li-Ion battery is an iron-cased battery that can be customized in size, shape, and function. The casing and cover of the battery are fixed by screws, which facilitates disassembly. The accessories and structural design of the XT battery are relatively high-end and are also excellent in terms of waterproof and safety performance. Generally used in home energy storage, light boats, RVs, and other fields.

AF Series Lithium Battery

The difference between AF series lithium batteries and HD series lithium batteries is the shape of the cells. The battery pack is laser welded and has fewer series-parallel structures, improving its performance while reducing weight. Its application areas are: Automatic Guided Vehicles, Home Energy Storage, Forklifts, Sexual Energy Vehicles, Light Boats, RVs, Golf Carts, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, etc.

Light Electric Vehicle Battery

LEV batteries can be tailored to the application and provide reliable power for LEVs. Customized car batteries can be the perfect replacement for traditional lead-acid batteries. There is no need to modify its space, nor to add additional components. Just take the old battery out, put the new one in, hook it up and you’re ready to go.

Energy Storage Battery

The function of the home energy storage battery is to store electricity. When the sun does not appear, it can provide enough power for normal home use. This not only saves you money, but also protects the environment. It is used in home energy storage, solar power generation systems and other fields.

Lithium Starting Battery

Lithium-ion starter batteries are one-third the weight of lead-acid batteries, helping to reduce the weight of the car and thus improve safety. Our starter batteries feature light housings and high discharge rates. Application areas include motorcycles, cars and boats.


Polinovel lithium battery product series is diverse, with rich functional options, and can provide high-efficiency lithium battery customization services to meet the needs of various application fields. If you have any questions about how to choose the right lithium battery, contact the Polinovel team for further assistance.

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