Polinovel at World Battery Industry EXPO 2022

Author: Polinovel    |    August 17, 2022


Polinovel participated in the World Battery Industry EXPO 2022 in Guangzhou on August 9-11. Do you want to know more information? Let’s take a closer look at this expo.

World Battery Industry EXPO 2022 was successfully held in Guangzhou, China on August 9-11. This expo attracted batteries, as well as new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, drones, photovoltaic, wind power, lighting, microgrid, home storage, and other battery downstream application buyers to participate.

The exhibition area is about 55,000 square meters, with 673 exhibitors and around 48,000 visitors, gathering in China Import and Export Complex for common development and cooperation.

Polinovel offers professional battery solutions in the fields of RV, marine boat, golf cart, forklift, solar energy storage, etc. At this expo, Polinovel fully displayed brand new BL Bluetooth Batteries, Power Wall and Stackable Home Energy Storage Batteries, as well as Customized Light EV Batteries, gaining the wide attention of customers and peers.

During the expo, our Polinovel staff introduced the product features, product advantages, and advanced technology with professional interpretation. A large number of visitors came to consult and exchange. And many visitors said they were impressed by Polinovel’s products and looked forward to future cooperation.

Polinovel made full use of this opportunity to exchange and negotiate with customers and peers, which not only enhanced the company’s brand awareness and influence, but also further learned about the industry’s new trends.

The exhibition has come to an end, but we will not stop moving forward. Your attention and expectations are very important to us. We will continue to innovate, striving to provide you with high-quality, reliable, and safe lithium batteries.

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