• Work normally at -35℃ (-31℉)

    Arctic series low temperature battery

    Low temperature battery for cold weather

Low Temperature Lithium Ion Battery

The lithium-ion low-temperature batteries operate over a wide temperature range, but this does not give permission to also charge them at the extreme cold condition which reduces charge acceptance, normally, the charging process is more delicate than discharging. Polinovel adopts patented technology and strong materials to build the low-temperature lithium lifepo4 battery, which can be charging and discharging smoothly in an environment of minus 35 centigrade.

Polinovel low-temperature lifepo4 battery advantage is they hold voltage better and rebound better too. They are also eco-friendly, in particular, low-temperature lithium battery due to non-toxic materials and no emission of gases from the battery. They charge faster, do not get charge memory, and recharge more efficiently.

Installing a Polinovel ARCTIC series battery into your RV caravan, boat, motor home, or solar storage bank is a great way to provide and store the energy for your electronic devices without the need for mains supply or noisy generators in cold winter. Lithium batteries’ extended lifespans can mean their cost-effectiveness is actually much better in the long run, so if you can foot the expense upfront, it’s worth it.

Dual Thermal Control Protection

ARCTIC series battery’s heating system and BMS, both feature with temperature monitoring control function. The dual thermal control protection system can better ensure battery safety performance in cold weather or area. Polinovel ARCTIC series battery can work normally at low temperature -35℃ (-31℉).

Durable Internal Structure

Our ARCTIC series batteries look and operate exactly the same as our other batteries. The internal structure also adopt patented screw fastening assembly method, the performance are proved to be outstanding in even harsh environment. They are ideal battery for caravan, rv, marine, fishing boat etc application.

Customize Your Battery

We promise to design and produce high quality customized battery for you.

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