CA series lithium starting battery

Lithium ion starting battery

Our DUAL series high power starter lithium battery can easily start large engines. It is widely used in cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine boats, ATVs, and other fields that need big cranking discharge characteristics. It can be used as an emergency power supply or starting power supply. It is safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

Product Features

Powerful performance

It has excellent high power discharge performance and long service life. Provide multiple protection through intelligent internal BMS technology. Our lithium cranking battery has an excellent performance in a high and low-temperature environment. Compared with a traditional lead-acid battery, it has a smaller volume and lighter weight.

We use the high-grade 30C discharge rate lithium iron phosphate cell, the pure copper current board, high-quality cable to manufacture it. Combined with a strong and heat dissipative internal structure design, we ensure the safe and reliable operation of starting power. We use equalizing charging board to ensure the consistency of long-term use of our batteries.

lithium starting battery

Moderate price and good service

We uphold the business philosophy of long-term cooperation and win-win development. We give our customers technical support, provide our customers with cost-effective solutions, and respond to customers’ needs promptly. Over the years, we have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

Professional solutions

OEM the lithium-ion car starter battery, motorcycle, marine boat cranking batteries for portable jump starter. The DUAL series deep cycle battery is made of LiFePO4 cells for maximum power and reliability. It is very suitable for motorcycle racing, lawnmower, scooter, UTV, ATV, boat, motorcycle, and other power sports applications.

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