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When we choose lithium golf cart battery suppliers, battery cost performance, safe grade, and business reputation are our consideration in priority.

Polinovel company was founded in 2006, our lithium-ion golf cart batteries and services are widely praised by customers. Our lithium iron phosphate batteries have been applied in golf carts buggies, RV, AGV, forklift,  marine, boat, solar energy storage system, and other fields.

Our lifepo4 batteries adopt a durable internal structure to ensure they are suitable for the toughest conditions, such as high charge and discharge currents, humid environments, and mechanical shocks or vibrations. These lithium-ion batteries are well-defined performance, long-term stability, are keeping efficiency, last much longer than conventional batteries, giving you peace of mind and saving time and money on maintenance and replacements.

Here just included a part of the applications for your reference. If you can’t find your required application, get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

If you are seeking a li-ion golf cart battery manufacturer as your long-term supplier, become our lithium lifepo4 battery distributor dealers, or just want to get a golf cart battery solution, please feel free to contact us at any time anywhere. We will provide you with dedicated and professional services.

It would help if you chose a reliable golf cart battery factory as the backer of your rapid development among many lithium-ion golf cart battery manufacturers. It can give you a one-stop solution. The product quality is safe and dependable. Comprehensive cost-effective. Professional integrity in business. Polinovel is such a lifepo4 golf cart battery company. If you want to be our dealer or seek OEM cooperation, please contact us to create better development prospects.

Polinovel Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers

Strong Internal Design

Polinovel golf cart battery adopts a firm design, which can withstand bumpy road conditions. The battery voltage ranges from 12V to 72V and the capacity ranges from 50Ah to 500ah.

Golf Cart Battery

Superior Safe Grade

Polinovel lithium iron phosphate golf buggy battery packs integrate high-grade LiFePO4 cells, scientific quality manufacturing, and strict testing to guarantee your success in the local lithium-ion battery market.

To get a free golf cart battery solution 🙂

If you want to custom high-quality 24, 36, 48 volt, and other voltage lithium-ion battery packs for golf buggies, please feel free to contact us. we promise to offer you the best design and quality manufacturing lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 golf cart batteries.

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