Battery Management System: What You Need to Know

Author: Polinovel    |    August 4, 2022


Most lithium batteries have a built-in BMS to monitor them and offer multiple protections, ensuring their safe use.

Do you know anything about the BMS? How does it work? You can learn more details about the BMS in this article.

Part 1. An Introduction About Battery Management System

Battery management system, also BMS, is a set of electronics used to monitor and manage all the performance of a lithium battery. Most importantly, it ensures the battery works safely.

The battery management system is critical to the safe operation and service life of lithium-ion batteries. It plays a role in protecting the batteries from different damages.

Part 2. The Main Function of a Battery Management System

The main function of BMS is to protect the LiFePO4 battery from damage caused by overcharge or over-discharge. In addition, BMS monitors battery temperature and detects battery safety by checking for loose connections and internal short circuits. BMS also balances the charge among cells to ensure each cell operates at maximum capacity.

If any unsafe conditions are detected, BMS shuts down the battery to protect the cells and users.

Part 3. How Does The Battery Management System Work?

BMS monitors every single battery in the battery pack. It calculates how much current can safely enter (charge) and exit (discharge) to ensure that there is no damage to the lithium battery. The current limits can prevent the lithium battery from overcharging, which ensures the longevity of the lithium battery.

The BMS also monitors the remaining charge in the lithium battery. It continuously tracks the energy going in and out of the battery pack and monitors all cell voltages to know when the battery is drained and shut the lithium battery down.


With BMS, lithium-ion batteries can function optimally and within safety limits. And BMS is important in improving lithium batteries’ longevity.

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