Battery Energy Density: Why Is It Important?

Author: Polinovel    |    September 30, 2022
Energy Density


Emerging fields such as new energy vehicles, energy storage, and communications have grown rapidly in recent years, and each field has put forward higher requirements for battery energy density. Why is the battery energy density so important?

About Battery Energy Density

The energy density of a battery refers to the energy contained in the battery within a certain weight or size. There is a gravimetric energy density (also known as specific energy density) and a volumetric energy density. The battery energy density is basically determined by the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.

Why Is Battery Energy Density Important?

The higher the energy density, the more energy the battery can release. Batteries with high energy density are required when there is not much space for the battery, but a large amount of energy output is required.

A battery that is small, light, and can release energy for long periods will be preferred over a battery that takes up a lot of space but provides only a small amount of energy.

The Energy Density of LiFePO4 Battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery, also known as LFP battery or LiFePO4 battery, is a long-lasting, maintenance-free, and non-toxic battery with good thermal stability and high energy density.

The negative electrode materials of the lithium-ion battery are mostly graphite. The capacity of graphite is about 372mAh/g, and the capacity of the positive electrode material lithium iron phosphate is about 160mAh/g. The LiFePO4 battery has an energy density of 90-160Wh/kg, which is higher than that of a lead-acid battery (30-50Wh/kg).


A battery with high energy density can ensure a long run time and high efficiency, which is ideal for use in many applications, such as boats, trolling motors, light electric vehicles, etc.

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