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To find a long-term partner

When we are seeking a leisure RV, marine boat, or solar system battery manufacturer as a long-term partner, product quality and integrity are two key factors that we need to give priority to. After more than one decade of development, Polinovel has been widely recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad.

ODM and OEM cooperation

Highest-grade lithium iron phosphate cell

Our battery adopts the highest-grade lithium iron phosphate cell, scientific internal structure design, and advanced manufacturing technology, so as to ensure the excellent performance of Polinovel batteries on the caravan, motorhome, camper van, bass boat, kayak trolling motor, and other applications. It has good bumpiness resistance and water resistance on land and waterway.

Polinovel batteries

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Polinovel battery has integrated carry handles that make transporting it to and from your boat or camper RV house vehicle a little bit easier. It can be mounted in any position and can fit boats and other small vehicles or travel trailers.

If you are interested in becoming our leisure battery distributor dealer or want to get a good battery solution, please feel free to contact us. We will prove to be your reliable RV marine boat battery factory supplier. We promise to provide you with high-quality batteries and service.

Reliable lifepo4 battery supplier

Polinovel lithium-ion RV marine battery manufacturer provides various innovative high-security lithium batteries, such as Bluetooth monitoring, waterproof, external screen, RS485 / 232 CANbus communication, and other customized functions. We are a modern Li-ion RV marine battery factory, and we will be your reliable lifepo4 RV marine battery supplier and long-term partner. Please contact us to discuss the vision for future development.

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