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Compared with a traditional lead-acid battery, Lifepo4 battery has significantly more advantages. Including the improved charge and discharge efficiency, longer life span, more usable energy and better safety performance. Lifepo4 battery often comes with a higher price tag, but it is much cost-effective over the life of the product. The super long life and free maintenance make it a worthwhile investment and a long-term solution.


longer lifetime

Longer Lifetime


light weight

Light Weight


usable capacity

More Usable Capacity


power delivery

Enhanced Power Delivery


discharge voltage

More Stable Discharge Voltage


temperature tolerance

Temperature Tolerance


self discharge

Low Self-Discharge


non maintenance



non hazardous





Longer Lifetime Than Other Batteries

Polinovel lithium batteries provide almost 10 times longer life than lead-acid batteries. Generally, lithium batteries can service five or more years. While, lead-acid batteries only last three years on average. Lead-acid battery also needs to proper maintenance or the lifetime will shortened. But lithium batteries need no maintenance.

Lithium Provide More Hours Of Power

LiFePO4 battery featured with higher energy density. Which means, in equal limited spac, lithium battery could hold more hours of power than lead acid. In other words, use lithium battery, you can get more power and traveling longer in your adventure.

lithium battery

Lithium Battery Deliver Higher Efficiency

Lithium battery can high-rate charged and discharged. Unlike lead-acid, lithium batteries’ efficiency is rarely affected at high rate discharge. Which means, it provide more possibility for various applications. Lithium battery is a smart choice for applications that in need of high power exhaust.

Lithium Is More Safe And Reliable

LiFePO4 batteries made by the most stable chemistry that are safe to use in any application. It do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury etc other heavy metals. Lithium battery are not hazardouse for human and environment. They are safe and clean power you can depend on.

Lithium Battery For Any Applications

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