• Wall-mounted Lithium Battery

    Power your home, power your life

Wall Mounting for Home

Polinovel V+ is a wall-mounted lithium home battery designed to store your energy, so you can use it at night or during outage.

wall mounted lifepo4 battery

Elegant Outlook

Finely polished and painted case with only 12.2cm slim appearance, it is nice to be installed on your wall or ground.

Safe to Store Energy

Made up with the most stable LiFePO4 chemistry lithium battery, configuring the latest battery management system internal and external dual-switch protection, that are utmost ensure the safety of energy storage.

Expansion of Capacity

Want more energy for home appliances, Polinovel V+ lithium home batteries are able to be maximum 10 units in parallel connection, flexible to meet any home power consumption and for future energy expansion.

Ultra Long Life Power

Making the most of the clean energy, choose Polinovel V+ Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries as part of your solar energy system, it is the ultimate clean, high-efficient, ultra-long life power you can depend on.

Need Customize Solution?

Our engineer team can work directly with you to understand your technical requirement then propose the perfect customize lithium battery solution to meet your needs.

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