• Ultra Low Temperature Battery

    Polinovel Dual Security Internal Structure Lithium Battery

Ultra Low Temperature Battery

Polinovel ARCTIC series battery can work normally at low temperature -35℃ (-31℉). The battery features self-heating technology internal, the system draws power from the charger itself, which do not need to install additional heating device external. Simply plug the battery into liFePO4 charger same as you use others, the internal heating system takes care of the rest.

Dual Thermal Control Protection

ARCTIC series battery’s heating system and BMS, both feature with temperature monitoring control function. The dual thermal control protection system can better ensure the battery safety performance in cold weather or area.

Durable Internal Structure

Our ARCTIC series batteries look and operate exactly same as our other batteries. The internal structure also adopt patented screw fastening assembly method, the performance are proved to be outstanding in even harsh environment. They are ideal battery for caravan, rv, marine, fishing boat etc application.

Customize Your Battery

We promise to design and produce high quality customized battery for you.

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