• Lithium Battery For Energy Storage

    Single battery power longer of life

power storage battery

Larger Battery For Solar System

When you are powering your home appliance or business equipment, you may need more energy while 12V plastic case packaged lithium battery are not fit in voltage or capacity. Polinovel energy storage batteries are born to meet your demands on higher voltage and capacity battery solution for renewable systems.

More Power In Single Case

With using Polinovel energy storage batteries, you can get more energy without worry about the limitation of series and parallel connection in quantity, the wiring and installation are also more simple and easy to go.

Want Turnkey Solution For Solar Projects?

Before enter lithium battery field in 2012, Polinovel has been in solar business for several years, our engineers are familiar with solar system designing, no matter on-grid or off-grid or hybrid, Polinovel are able to provide turnkey solution for all type of renewable systems.

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