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Twice the power of lead-acid batteries


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Compatible with main brand inverters and chargers


Charge up to 5x fast


Last 4X as long

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Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers

Fifteen years Lithium-ion batteries manufacture and lifepo4 battery OEM with 500 employee’s since 2006, Polinovel R&D teams comes from the top3 battery maker companies in China. We are experts in solar energy storage, RV, deep cycle battery, marine, boat, golf cart&buggy, AGV robot, forklift, light EV alike, and much more applications with over 35 counties project solutions.

Polinovel strives for the lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers with high and durable quality all the time, the longest of reliability and honest business with UK, USA, and Japanese distributors over ten years of partnership. That’s a much-treasured experience for our lithium battery supplies.

Polinvel is one of these top brand lithium iron phosphate battery factory suppliers in China that can also offer extensive accessories for each battery, such as invertors, connectors, chargers, and more.
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Why Polinovel Battery?

  • Inovative Battery

  • Outstanding Quality

  • Customer Focus

  • Create Value

Which Customers Choose us

Partnership Visit Polinovel

Ready to Benefit Your Sales with Polinovel?

Polinovel, in the lfp battery case, will be your first partners since we are one of the lifepo4 battery manufacturers in China leaders providing the best support and service to our valued distributors, middleman, wholesalers, or end-used customers in the global world. Polinovel understands your lithium iron phosphate battery needs, and our expert engineer team works hard so that they can achieve your lithium-ion battery requirements.

Polinovel doesn’t just supply our lithium-ion battery products but also helps your lithium li-ion battery business boom in the competitive market.

Except for lead-acid battery manufacturers, Polinovel can produce most of the standard and special customization lifpo4 batteries. Meanwhile, if you are worried about lfp battery kits: inverters, chargers, lfp cells(Polinovel raw materials proceed to the first-class level of lfp cell manufacturers), and some of its parts, can also support the best package services fast here.

Why Change to Lifepo4 Battery?

As we know,lifepo4 is shaping the future. Lithium-ion batteries have become the energy storage method. But potential safety issue of the li-ion battery remains an ongoing concern.

Polinovel, one of the outstanding lifepo4 battery suppliers. We focus on leveraging R&D capabilities and working on new safety technologies, including cell, BMS, internal structure, processing. Designing and producing safer, cleaner, and more durable batteries for customers is our undertaking.

Polinovel lithium-ion lifepo4 battery can operate under extreme conditions. Our batteries undergo rigorous safety testing such as short circuit, acupuncture, high and low temperature, vibration, over-voltage, and over-current tests and meet the high safety standards required for application devices.

Battery chemistry had come a long way since 1800, when Alessandro Volta first disproved the common theory that electricity could only be created by living beings. Today, lithium-ion batteries store incredible amounts of energy that can be discharged quickly, safely, and smoothly. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are gaining more and more importance in the clean energy market. Let’s cooperate to better grow your global lithium iron lifepo4 battery sales through the lithium-ion battery factory!

Polinovel 51.2V Golf Cart Battery Cases

For USA Customer as Picture Showed

Polinovel Product Group

12v lithium battery

Leisure RV Marine Boat Battery

With Polinovel lithium ion batteries, powering your RV, marine, boat, trolling motor, motorhome, and caravan devices are longer used than ever before.

Solar Energy Storage Battery

You will get better performance and longevity out of Polinovel lithium battery for the application devices where you are drawing a stronger and more consistent supply of energy.

Solar Powerwall Home Battery

Polinovel lifepo4 battery suppliers are a critical element of your home energy storage system. The compact, wall-mounted, and upright stand design makes installing easier with safer.

Polinovel lfp batteries energy storage system allows homeowners to economically store electricity from the solar array and power grid rather than physically store it.

lithium ion battery charge,lfp battery charge

Lithium Battery Charger

Polinovel lithium battery charger 48v, 12v, 100ah lithium battery charger, and much more lifepo4 batteries charge is wide work for many devices, such as your golf buggy/carts, motorcycles, forklift, and so on…

100% full load aging test with IP67 waterproof, large range of working temperature under the seismic grade of automobile grade.

Bluetooth Monitoring Battery

Polinovel lithium iron phosphate battery monitoring App lets you see how much current is being drawn, the battery voltage, and the number of amp-hours you’re using.

Free IOS or Android systems support, Bluetooth version5.0 with no code, sample to monitor your battery power!

Low Temperature Battery

Polinovel low-temperature battery is for cold weather with down to -35 degrees celsius. Self-heating technology systems guarantee durability and last your power even if it is in a bad environment. If you’re interested in purchasing lithium-ion batteries for powering your equipment in a cold area, the Polinovel low-temperature battery is your best choice.

What’s the Polinovel Services Provided

Customer Service

Polinovel provides excellent customer services for our customers, including design services, consulting services, wholesale lifepo4 battery, became a distributor for Polinovel brand product, custom lifepo4 battery pack and so on.

Validation Services

Polinovel offers a whole lithium-ion battery qualification documentation set (included CE/EMC/MSDS/material safety data sheet, etc…) and delivery report according to the UN38.3 since overseas shipping requirement.

Technical Supports

Polinovel has a team of experienced engineers to provide free services of technical when need.

Your lithium battery OEM/ODM is also available to support.

Maintenance Services

Polinovel offers excellent after-sales services, a lithium-ion battery product with a 2~5years warranty. Customized according to the specific needs of our customers.

Training Service

Polinovel provides training services for our distributor or dealers to ensure that new or existing lithium battery is kept in optimum operating condition and secures a long life cycle.

Customized R&D Service

Polinovel already had a Bluetooth monitor 5.0 version, RS485/232, CANbus, GPRS communication, and ultra-low temperature technology on our battery, also a large range of voltage or capacity tailored. But we can provide any other customization service based on client detailed requirements.

Polinovel Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers

OEM/ODM Solutions

We focus on lithium iron phosphate battery research and development, our batteries have been applied in solar system energy storage, golf cart, AGV, forklift, marine, boat traction, RV, caravan power supply, and other applications. Our battery quality and total cost-efficiency are good. If you want to find a lifepo4 battery manufacturer factory to support your brand growth. We are not just a lithium battery company, we are your whole scope partners to support your business continuous success.

Polinovel factory accepts the trial order to verify our package services and lithium quality whether you OEM&ODM with us.

Just send us your Logo and Li-ion battery operation applications, sample batteries will be 2 weeks or 3-5 working days delivery, it depends on your application situation and quantities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to start the win-win cooperation. We promise to offer you the competitive li-ion lithium ion battery wholesale price, the best technology solution, and the professional business service.

Blue100 battery, blue lithium battery

Become A Distributor

As one of the top battery manufacturing companies, Polinovel is a trustworthy Chinese lithium batteries brand, we have supplied many qualified lithium batteries to our customers, help them to cut down the cost, and continuously improve their competitive ability in their local market since the first day we established.

These Blue100 battery suppliers the blue lithium battery with plastic housing which already had a mass cargo producing period for our distributors, it is competitive in current lithium-ion battery marketing based on the advantage of Polinovel appearance design, technology, and network of middle prices.

If you interested in blue100 batteries or more types of lifepo4 batteries manufacturers to be the dealer(plastic and metal outer shells are all available to supply), kindly consult our sales expert right now!

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