• Lithium vs Lead Acid

Ultra Light Weight and Small Size

With superior energy density, lithium batteries are about a third of the weight and half of the volume, compared to traditional lead-acid (flooded, AGM and GEL). With equivalent specification, lithium battery is significantly more powerful.

Higher Amp Hours of Power

Lithium batteries provide higher usable energy, 100% amp hour of the rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. Lead acid batteries provide less usable energy at higher rates of discharge.

lithium batteries

Superior Long Life

Polinovel lithium batteries provide 2,000 cycles or more, the affect of higher rate of discharge on cycle life is minimal. Lead-acid batteries provides only approx. 300-500 cycles, the cycle life greatly reduce as higher rate of discharge.

Higher Efficiency

Lithium batteries has extreme low resistance, they are more efficient, allowing faster charging with minimal losses. Lead acid batteries lose power after charging and discharge process.

Saving Cost in the Long Run

Lithium batteries may cost more up front, but the long-term cost saving is quite considerable. Lithium battery offers greater performance and longer life than lead-acid, this means fewer replacement, labor cost and time.

Safe and Respect Environment

Lithium iron phosphate battery consist by the most stable chemistry. Non-flammable, non-explosive, and no acid or heavy metal (lead, cadmium, mercury), it is one of the most safe battery and friendly to environment.

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