• Lithium Battery Cell

    High energy density, Long cycle, High safety standard

Lithium Battery Cell

Taking the safety and reliability of lithium-ion lifepo4 cell batteries as the core, Polinovel conducts comprehensive and complete systematic research and management from basic research on cell materials, cell structure, electrode design, manufacturing technology, equipment engineering, quality control, etc., to create safe and reliable lithium cells with high performance, high energy density, long service life, good consistency, and wide operating temperature range.

The lithium cells are perfect for applications such as flashlights, electric vehicles, cordless tools, and various other devices that require portable power.

Polinovel lithium iron phosphate battery cells also support combining use in series and parallel to increase voltage and capacity for lithium battery (pack), which can be widely applied in larger types of equipment and devices.

The spherical multi-directional graphite with the same properties is applied to the cathode to reduce the internal resistance and enhance the ultra-high C rate discharge capability and the continuous charging capability.

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Polinovel lithium bass boat cells

High performance quality

Brand new cylindrical and prismatic lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells. Long service life with over 2000 cycles @ 100% DOD; High consistency and stability maximize the usable capacity and battery performance; High Discharge rate lithium cell with 5C max. charge, 20C continuous discharge, and 30C pulse discharge.

Wide application range

Our lifepo4 lithium iron phosphate cells are perfectly suitable for 12v leisure battery, golf cart, EV, solar energy storage system, solar light battery,  modulation power station, communication base station, database UPS back up power, Motorcycle starter, car starter, and other application battery pack manufacturing.

Customize Your Battery

Polinovel promise to design and produce high quality customized lithium batteries for you.

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