• HT Bluetooth Lithium Battery

    Easy Get Access To Battery Voltage Capacity, Cycle, Temperature

Same Battery With Bluetooth Technology

HT series Bluetooth monitoring lithium batteries are derivate from Polinovel HD series lifepo4 batteries. While retaining the same strong structure advantages, they are equipped with advanced Bluetooth communication technology, ensure you can monitor your battery status and localize any potential issues from a smart phone or tablet.

Support Android and iOS System

Download Polinovel 2.0 APP from Google Play or APP Store free, you can get instant access to the battery state of charge (SOC), voltage, capacity, charging discharging current, cycles, temperature and single cell status.

monitoring battery

Maximize Life and Performance

Intelligent BMS is the heart of a lithium battery, that monitors and reacts to multiple voltage, current, and temperature events to maximize battery life, performance and safety. Now with Bluetooth app available, you can get the battery status at a glance.

bluetooth monitoring battery

Expandable Lithium Energy

HT Bluetooth monitoring lifepo4 battery support series or parallel hooked up to expand the voltage or capacity, presenting more power choice for your applications.

Need Customize Solution?

Our engineer team can work directly with you to understand your technical requirement then propose the perfect customize lithium battery solution to meet your needs.

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