• HDN 12V 24V Lifepo4 Battery

Value-Added Functions

Polinovel HDN series lifepo4 battery adopts the same strong structure and technology as HD series, but with more functions to bring you better using experience.

SOC Indicator and USB Charger

The battery is embedded with LCD screen to display battery voltage and SOC, it is more convenient for you to monitor the battery status. Extra added USB output port could quick charge your phone and electronics before out of power.

12V/24V Voltage Battery Models

Except the strong structure and value-added function, we extra developed 24V lithium ion batteries in this HDN series, for who’s vehicle or equipment at 24V, you are able to quick replace the lead acid and install the battery in single case.

Need a custom lithium battery solution with more functions?

Tell us your requirement, our engineer team can workout the most appropriate lithium battery pack design solution for you.

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