• HD 12V Lifepo4 Battery

Various Model and Capacity for Option

Polinovel HD 12V lifepo4 battery is our top-rated product, covering the most often used sizes of traditional lead-acid batteries from 50Ah to 300Ah.

Extreme Strong and Durable Structure

The inner unique assembly technology and highest quality components make our lithium battery, unlike any others on the market. It is stronger, more durable and superior even in the most extreme environment.

12v lifepo4 battery

Smart BMS Monitor and Reaction

Every Polinovel lithium battery consist of you can’t see BMS (battery management system) protect the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit etc for safe use. The outstanding discharge current enables to power more or large loads.

hdn series lifepo4 battery

Seamless Drop-in Replacement

Derive from conventional lead-acid battery cases, when you use Polinovel HD lithium battery, you can easily replace it freely without change any installing site area.

Expandable Voltage and Capacity

If you owning higher voltage (24V, 36V, 48V) of applications or want to store more power for your applications. You can connect quantities (maximum 4pcs in series or 4pcs in parallel) of 12V lifepo4 batteries to create suitable battery groups as expected.

Right Lithium Battery You Are Seeking

To get long-lasting, high-efficiency lithium iron phosphate for your motorhome, finishing boat, golf cart, solar energy system, Polinovel lifepo4 battery is the premium performance and reliability you need. With our extensive range of products and deep industry knowledge, we can provide every battery you need, from direct replacement to customized solutions.

Need Customize Solution?

Our engineer team can work directly with you to understand your technical requirement then propose the perfect customize lithium battery solution to meet your needs.

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