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Polinovel, as one of the top forklift battery factory manufacturers, we have developed lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. They are running very well in mining power supply, electric vehicles, special vehicles, and electric forklifts series power supply, landscape storage, home energy storage, robot power supply, mine intelligence power system, fire fighting robot, sweeper car, and other fields.

As professional forklift battery suppliers, we provide customers with lithium forklift battery solutions. Polinovel lifepo4 batteries have the characteristics of high energy density, long cycle life, high safety performance, product consistency, and can adapt to a wide range of environments.

Our forklift battery adopts an intelligent management system that can fully control the system, achieve automatic battery output balance and extend the battery life. Intelligent thermal management circuit design fully safeguards reliable operation at high and low temperatures. With the features of maintenance-free, zero-emission, long life, strong power, the batteries ensure the equipment to work stably in the long term.

With the development of the Internet economy, the freight industry is developing rapidly. In addition to global green growth, energy conservation and emission reduction are significant forces in the future. It’s time to upgrade our gas forklift and lead-acid battery forklift. We understand that the total cost and reliability of the forklift are the two most important factors. Polinovel lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturer has rich experience in lifepo4 forklift battery design and production. We can meet all kinds of customer requirements, such as battery status monitoring, communication, battery counterweight, to complete the seamless replacement of old batteries or direct electrification upgrade. We can solve the above two concerns and other specific demands of our customers at the same time. If you want to be our li-ion forklift battery dealer or seek a forklift battery company as a reliable supplier, please contact us. We will be able to bring lasting support to your career development.

Rigorous reliablility test

The battery pack has passed the rigorous reliability test of important components which ensure the stability of the whole performance. Realizing seamless docking of CAN-bus data transmission and vehicle control system and charging system which completely placed the vehicle under safety control.

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Solid structure design

Solid and reliable structure, easy installation, superior anti-vibration performance. The sealing structure design fully ensures the equipment operating safely in high dust, high humidity environments. We offer targeted designs for each customer and comprehensively consider lithium power replacement programs for customers.

Forklift battery custom service 🙂

If you are looking for a forklift battery factory as your long-term supplier, interested in becoming a lithium-ion forklift battery dealer, or want to get battery solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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