• Lithium Battery For Electric Vehicles

    Fast Charging Lithium Power You Will Have It When Need It

Lithium Lead Drive Technology Future

The drive technology of the future is electric. The very low power-to-weight ratio is generally a considerable advantage for all types of vehicles. By using Polinovel lithium batteries not only gain higher-power energy, but also eliminate large amounts of pollutants and noise. Furthermore, in contrast with conventional lead acid, the operating is more silent, and maintenance cost are significantly lower.

Benefits Of Lithium For Electric Vehicles

Swift your electric scooter, electric car, golf cart, golf trolley etc electric vehicles battery to Polinovel lithium, with the features of fast charging, maintenance free, built-in protection and eco-friendly, you will have not only a plenty of power, you will also enjoy the great riding experience as you expected.

electric vehicle battery

Design Lithium Battery Solution For Your Electric Vehicles

Sometimes, standard batteries in the market do not fit or you would need more power to run longer distance. Exclusively build lithium battery may be an ideal one for your electric vehicle. Polinovel engineer team can design custom solution battery pack just for you and ensure your batteries has safety design, proper chemistry and functions.

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