• Customize Lithium Battery Solution

    Built your own battery specification and standards

    customize battery

There’s numerous lithium batteries in the market, sometimes to find the ideal battery for your product is not easy. Standard batteries may not fit in specification, or you may want more energy or power to keep your applications running at optimum performance. Customize solution could be a good choice.

Excellent Engineering

Polinovel provides customize solution to meet your request on every detail. Our engineer teams are able to leverage their experience on technology, product, industry to rapidly design the battery pack to ensure a proper solution are figured.

Benefits of Customize Battery

Building a customize lithium battery in proper charge, discharge rate etc specification could expand your battery’s lifespan. Although the initial cost is high, the return on investment is much higher over the life span of the battery.

What Specification Are Customizable?

When you are going to customize the battery, there are eight main specifications that can be tailored to your needs:

  • Voltage                                    • Charge Current
• Capacity                                  • Discharge Current
• Dimension                              • LED Indicator
• Connecting Terminal           • Communication

Custom lithium iron phosphate battery isn’t as difficult as it seems

The key is to find the right custom battery manufacturer. Use the table below and fill your LiFePO4 battery needs, let our experts designing the right lithium battery for you.

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