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Four Concerns About Lithium Battery Charging

When to Charge the LiFePO4 Battery? Generally LiFePO4 batteries do not need to be charged after each use if they are not fully discharged. LiFePO4 batteries would not get damaged when left in a partial state of charge. You can charge your LiFePO4 batteries after each use or when they have been 80% discharged. Please note that we recommend […]

Recycle of Battery

China ranks first in the world with an annual output of 400 million tons of waste, and it is increasing at a rate of about 8% annual. Some of the wastes are recyclable, but most of them are not properly recycled but is landfilled or incinerated. In response to the problem of waste disposal, the waste sorting policy is implemented in 2019 to reduce […]

Why BMS (Battery Management System) Is So Important In LiFePO4 Batteries?

Overview Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries come in a single package with a lot of power and value. This chemistry of lithium battery is the big part of its superior performance. While all reputed lithium-ion batteries also include another important component along with the battery cells: a carefully designed battery management system (BMS). A well-designed battery management system can utmost […]