• 12V LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries

    Seamless Replacement Of Lead Acid

Forefront Battery

Lithium battery industry is developing rapidly for the past years with its outstanding performance. Traditional lead-acid batteries have gradually been replaced by the advanced technology lithium batteries. Discover more advantages of lithium.

Drop-In Replacement

Want to upgrade the lead acid battery to lithium battery , with no change on the space. Polinovel provide a complete line of lithium batteries, which are in same sizes as traditional lead acid batteries, offering you a seamless drop-in replacement, without worrying about the installation space limitation. Download Polinovel Lithium Battery Specification Guidance to find the battery you need.

Innovative Bluetooth Monitoring

Smart technology brings much convenience in everywhere of life, we enjoying it and love it, Polinovel lithium battery innovative bluetooth monitoring function brings total new use experience, you are freely to check the battery working status on smart phone.

Reliable Battery for Any Applications

Polinovel’s wide variety of standard and high performance lithium batteries covering 12V, 24V, 48V and 72V for use in RV, Marine, EV and Off-grid energy storage etc much more applications. With our vast range of products and deep industry knowledge, we can deliver anything you need for drop-in replacements and custom solutions.

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