• 12V Lithium Battery

    Polinovel Dual Security Internal Structure 12V Lithium Battery

Low Temperature Battery

We are committed to providing our customers with innovative lithium batteries. Our ARCTIC Series low temperature batteries are hot selling as its innovation and reliability.

Lead Acid Replacement Battery

HD Series 12 volt lithium ion lifepo4 rechargeable batteries were produced in same sizes as lead acid batteries, offering you a seamless drop-in replacement.

Bluetooth Monitoring Battery

Polinovel HT Series 12v rechargeable lifepo4 lithium ion battery. Its innovative bluetooth monitoring function brings total new use experience, you could freely check the battery working status via smart phone App.

Multi interface Battery

We are good at adding various functional interfaces to our batteries according to the requirements of customers, such as RS485, USB, SOC monitor screen etc. At the same time, we can also customize 12V battery to 24V, 36V, 48V voltage output.

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